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This is our Hines Industries Balancer. This is used to balance the crankshaft, a very critical process in maintaining the balance of the internal parts. If a crank is not properly balanced it could lead to a number of things including excessive bearing wear which leads to bearing failure, which leads to internal damage to an engine.
We also use this balancer to balance flywheels if needed.

Cleaner - Sonic

We use our Grease Monkey Sonic Cleaner to clean a variety of parts such as cylinder heads, mag cap & wires, oil and water lines, and even oil tanks. Anything that's excessively dirty or greasy we sonic clean it and it comes out looking like new!!

Crack Detection - Magnaflux

Our magnaflux machine is used to check internal parts that are made of steel such as cranks, rods, camshafts, gear drive parts. We also check parts for sprint car teams such as king pins, steering gears, torsion bars, and rear end gears.
This is a vital machine in our shop.

Crack Detection - Zyglo

The magnaflux machines little brother is this Zyglo machine. While the magnaflux is used to detect cracks in steel parts, the Zyglo is used to detect cracks in aluminum parts. We mostly use this for pistons, although we use it occasionally for drag racers that use aluminum rods. Just like the magnaflux machine, we use the Zyglo for racers who want us to check aluminum parts for cracks.

Flow Bench

Our Superflow Flow Bench is another one of our most valuable pieces of machinery. The flow bench is used to flow air through the intake and exhaust chambers of a cylinder head. We flow every new cylinder head when we are finished with our work. If a cylinder head doesn't quite meet our specs we can do some touching up and then re-flow the head.

We also use the flow bench for cylinder head R&D purposes. When we have a new customer that brings in an engine we've never seen before we flow the heads before we touch them to see what kind of shape their in and where we need to pick them up.

A good flowing cylinder head is very vital as to how the engine will perform, and the flow bench helps us achieve maximum performance!


Head & Valve Machines

Here's our cylinder head surfacer pictured on the left. On the right is our DCM Tech valve machine. This machine is used to cut valve seats, remove valve seats if necessary, and we can remove and install valve guides.

Hone - Block

Our Sunnen CV-616 block hone is only used to hone the cylinders when the block is new and when it comes in for a re-build.

Hone - Line

The line hone is used to hone the mains to tolerance. We generally do this when the block is new and on some re-builds as well. Basically why we do this is to ensure proper main bearing clearances when we assemble an engine.

Hone - Rod

Our Sunnen rod hone on the right is used to size connecting rods. After the normal 10-12 shows a customer puts on an engine, the rods can be out of round. We hone them to bring them back to size, just as we do with the block hone. We also use this machine to hone the wrist pin bosses on the pistons.

After we hone the rods and pistons, we wash the oil off in the solvent tank located to the left, then we head off to the wash tank where we assembly wash them with soap and water.


This is our all-purpose lathe. Like our all purpose mill, we use this to machine or modify a variety of parts as needed, or if we are in a hurry or bind we can machine a part from scratch.

Mill - CNC

Pictured is our Rottler F-65 CNC mill. This machine is able to do such things as bore cylinders, line bore mains, correct lifter bores, surface block decks, and it has a program where we can lighten blocks.

Mill – All Purpose

This is our all-purpose mill. What we don't do on our CNC mill, we do it on this mill. We do such things as machine the valve pockets on the pistons, machine on the injectors if needed, and anything else that needs to be machined or modified.

Press & Rod Machines

Pictured from left to right is our hydraulic press used for various projects. In the middle (beige machine) is our rod checker. This machine is used to check rods for straightness and to see if a rod has twist. If a rod doesn't meet the specs, it is discarded. The green machine is our rod bushing machine. It's main purpose is if a rod bushing is wore out, we press out the old one and replace it with a new one. We can also adjust or offset the bushing to where if a piston is too far in the hole or sticking above the block deck, we can shorten or lengthen the rod.

Parts Room

Our parts room is fully stocked to accommodate your needs from the oil drain plug to the air cleaners!!
We also sell reconditioned parts, and engines. Call for prices and availability.

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